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Ethical Eggs

I am passionate about where my food comes from, and this definitely applies to eggs. I eat a lot of eggs, they are one of the most 'complete' foods in…

Eat for Health

So many diets fail because people put themselves under enormous pressure, and set unrealistic targets like never eating chocolate again (as if)! I think the best way to look at…

Bicycle Crunches

The Bicycle Crunch is a great core exercise. It is tough because there is no rest, but you can add rests in and build up in your own time. Start lying…

Toe Taps

Toe Taps are a great exercise for the core. Lie on your back, with feet up in tabletop position. Keep your back fixed to the floor, and arms down by your…


Sugar. Sugar is the topic of today in terms of healthy eating. Jamie Oliver recently took part in a programme calling for a tax on sugar, and encouraged other restauranteurs…

Toe Taps

Toe Taps are a fantastic ab exercise. Lie on your back, keeping your lower back on the floor. Start with your knees in tabletop position. Gently lower one leg to…


Simple yet effective. Start in a sitting position, lifting feet off the floor. Slowly extend the legs with pointed toes as you lower your back towards the floor, then return…