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Holiday Juice
14th August 2017

How to stay Healthy on Holiday

The Summer is a time for everyone to have a break, sit back and relax in the sunshine. Whether at home or a holiday abroad, we all deserve a break…
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Ensuring Better Sleep
4th May 2017

Improve Your Sleep

How to Ensure Better Sleep, Baby London Magazine. Here I give tips to improve sleep for pregnancy, but they are relevant for everyone. Read more    
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21st January 2017

The Clean Eating Debate

I was really looking forward to watching Horizon's programme on Clean Eating, threatening to expose the frauds of the diet world, and reinforce scientific nutritional facts. I have to say,…
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11th January 2017

How to make Healthy Goals!

Okay, so be honest. How many of you have started a strict diet this January? Have you made a list of what you are going to cut out of your…
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Lemon Chicken & Pea Courgetti
21st November 2016

Boost your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity At this time of year, children are coming home from school with yet another cold, and it is the start of party season, and late nights! So,…
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14th January 2016

Eat for Health

So many diets fail because people put themselves under enormous pressure, and set unrealistic targets like never eating chocolate again (as if)! I think the best way to look at…
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Chloe Bowler Headshot
27th December 2015

New Year Resolutions!

New Year Resolutions – and how to stick to them!     At this time of year everyone starts to think about how they can improve their health, fitness and…
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19th May 2015

Cut the FAD from Your Diet

We are constantly being inundated with new diets, promising a quick fix to all weight problems. There is a new diet book out every week, and with the recent rise…
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21st May 2014

Gluten Free Pizza – at last!

Enjoy a light, healthy pizza - made from scratch in less than half an hour. Many people are turning to a gluten free diet, regardless of whether they are coeliac…
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13th May 2014

Super Salmon

What can I say about salmon? A wonderful meaty fish, packed full of vital nutrients. Salmon is full of Omega 3, in fact it contains more Omega 3 than many…
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