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Single Arm Row

By 22/11/2016August 27th, 2020Exercises

This is a great exercise, as it really isolates the muscles in the back, including the latissimus dorsi, which are your biggest muscles in your back, so if you want to wear a backless dress this season, this is a must. The movement also helps stabilise the shoulder muscles.

Start with one dumbbell (ladies start with 2kg and work upwards, men start with 4kg). Kneel with your left knee and left hand on a bench, with your right leg foot on the floor, right hand holding the dumbbell. Make sure you keep a nice, neutral spine  – aim to keep a straight back that is parallel to the floor.

Holding the dumbbell with a straight arm, bend the elbow and pull up from the shoulder until your elbow is higher than your back, and the dumbbell level with your ribs. Lower and repeat x 20, then swap sides.