Bicycle Crunches

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The Bicycle Crunch is a great core exercise. It is tough because there is no rest, but you can add rests in and build up in your own time. Start lying…


Toe Taps

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Toe Taps are a great exercise for the core. Lie on your back, with feet up in tabletop position. Keep your back fixed to the floor, and arms down by your…

Lat Pull Downs

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This exercise is done on a pull-down machine, and really targets the biggest muscles in the back, the lattissimus dorsi. Sit down on the bench, and keep a nice, straight…

Single Arm Row

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This is a great exercise, as it really isolates the muscles in the back, including the latissimus dorsi, which are your biggest muscles in your back, so if you want…

Quick Core Workout

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Really simple core workout to follow at home.

Total Core Workout

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A great little bodyweight core workout.


Side Plank

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The Side Plank is a great core exercise to target your abs, but especially your sides. It also has lots of variations so can really challenge your core strength. Works:…


Front Plank

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One of the best core exercises is the plank. It is also hard to cheat at this exercise, making it a true test. Works: Whole core, especially your rectus abdominals and transverse abdominals, as well…