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22nd November 2016

Side Plank

The Side Plank is a great core exercise to target your abs, but especially your sides. It also has lots of variations so can really challenge your core strength. Works:…
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22nd November 2016

Front Plank

One of the best core exercises is the plank. It is also hard to cheat at this exercise, making it a true test. Works: Whole core, especially your rectus abdominals and transverse abdominals, as well…
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Lemon Chicken & Pea Courgetti
21st November 2016

Boost your Immunity

Boost Your Immunity At this time of year, children are coming home from school with yet another cold, and it is the start of party season, and late nights! So,…
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11th March 2016

Ethical Eggs

I am passionate about where my food comes from, and this definitely applies to eggs. I eat a lot of eggs, they are one of the most 'complete' foods in…
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14th January 2016

Eat for Health

So many diets fail because people put themselves under enormous pressure, and set unrealistic targets like never eating chocolate again (as if)! I think the best way to look at…
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Chloe Bowler Headshot
27th December 2015

New Year Resolutions!

New Year Resolutions – and how to stick to them!     At this time of year everyone starts to think about how they can improve their health, fitness and…
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21st October 2015

My Favourite Core Exercises

I cannot stress enough the importance of a strong core. Your core is basically everything apart from arms and legs, so it really is the tree trunk supporting all the…
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24th September 2015


Sugar. Sugar is the topic of today in terms of healthy eating. Jamie Oliver recently took part in a programme calling for a tax on sugar, and encouraged other restauranteurs…
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19th May 2015

Cut the FAD from Your Diet

We are constantly being inundated with new diets, promising a quick fix to all weight problems. There is a new diet book out every week, and with the recent rise…
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