About Chloe

My Story

I am a Nutritional Therapist, Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist.

I am passionate about improving the health of as many people as possible, and I look after my clients’ complete wellbeing including nutrition, psychology, and physical therapy.

I feel extremely lucky that I was brought up on home cooked meals, made from scratch using natural, whole ingredients. As a child, I ate organic meat and fish, and every meal was packed full of brightly coloured foods with plenty of nutrients. This has stayed with me, and I now really appreciate the goodness of those meals growing up, and I continue to eat a diet of whole foods.

I, as many others, have read so many different reports and opinions on what foods are considered healthy. It is very confusing, so I really try to break down these inconsistencies, and just stick to good, natural food. I try to put as few chemicals in my body as possible, so stay away from processed ‘foods’.

I believe there is an exercise for everyone, it is just finding what you enjoy. I have competed in many sports at a high level, and still have a passion for sport. I believe in a Body in Balance, and am passionate about helping people improve their posture, strength and flexibility. Exercise doesn’t have to be stressful on the mind or body, and should leave you feeling energised and happy.

My qualifications include:

  • BSc (Hons) Health and Sports Studies
  • Advanced Diploma Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management
  • Advanced Diploma Level 3 in Sports Massage Therapy
  • Pre and Post Natal Exercise
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Suspension Training
  • Kick Boxing Instructor